Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you use my stones and set them in your settings?
A. Yes, Petro's Jewelers will use any diamonds or colored stones and set them into any of our settings.

Q. Can I use my own gold to make an item?
A. Yes, Petro's Jewelers can use gold from worn out or out of style items.

Q. Are my repairs sent away for repair?
A. No, Petro's Jewelers has a full shop on the premises, the goldsmiths/stone setters at Petro's Jewelers have a combined 77 years of experience.

Q. Can I put different size diamonds or colored stones into any of your settings?
A. Yes, Petro's Jewelers can make adjustments to any of our settings to make different size stones fit.

Q. Can I get items made in white gold?
A. Yes, Petro's Jewelers will make all items in white gold, Petro's Jewelers will also make items in any Karat gold from 10 Karat to 24 Karat gold we will also make items in Platinum.

Q. How long does it take to get an item repaired or made?
A. Most repairs take one to two weeks, most custom jobs take two to four weeks.

Q. If I buy a new ring do I need to know the ring size?
A. No, if you do not know his or her ring size it is best not to guess. Every time a ring is sized the ring is made a little thinner thus making the ring weaker. It has been our experience that about 90% of the people who guess are guessing wrong.

Q. How long will it take to get a ring sized when I purchase a ring from Petro's Jewelers?
A. Almost always, Petro's Jewelers will size any ring that is purchased from us on the same day. At certain times of the year we may need an additional 24 hours.

Q. Do you only sell handcrafted engagement rings?
A. No, not only do we sell handcrafted rings, we also sell traditional prong settings.